Project Summary

I was approached by my good friend Abi and asked if I would be interested in coming up with some branding ideas for her, now opened buddha bowl cafe.
As a first of its kind in her hometown of Shillong, I envisioned a brand that was bold and colourful inspired by the similar colourful ingredients used.

Though the branding was never used, it was a fun branding exercise to work along side a friend of mine to see what could be possible.

Project Role



Branding Concept

The Concept

The concept was based around the side profile of a bowl and simplifying it down to it's simplest shape - a semi circle. From there, I looked at seeing how I could incorporate the arches into the logotype

01 Logo
02 Color
Colour palette of earthy foundations mixed with vibrant colours inspired by ingredients


Extending from the branding concept of the semi circle, my goal was to see how far we could push this idea across different touch points. From the drinks menu to Instagram post templates, I wanted to somehow include this semi circle motif across it all so there was brand consistency and familiarity.

03 Drinks
Drinks menu
04 Loyalty Card
A playful example of possible loyalty cards
05 Bag
Tote bag
06 Insta A
Instagram Post - Example 1
06 Insta B
Instagram Post - Example 2

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