Audience Republic

Project Summary

Audience Republic is a Sydney based startup that aims to help event organisers sell more tickets, faster. While working at Made Together, the team and I helped brand and design the product platform.
Our branding and design work on the platform has helped elevate Audience Republic to pick up some of the biggest festival here in Australia and internationally.

Project Role

Senior Designer


Branding & Product UI


Working from Audience Republic's vision of amplifying word-of-mouth, the branding concept was to visualise this word-of-mouth concept with organic shapes. We also decided it was best to create a custom logotype to pair with the logo symbol which we had developed.

AR Logo
Logo symbol
Frame 2
AR Marketing
Revamped marketing website


Turning our attention to the platform - we ran several workshops with the cofounders to bring out ideas, organise them and explore the validity of potential features. Over the course of the year while at Made Together, the team and I laid the foundation of the platform and built many exciting features and tools for event promoters to use.

Please note that the designs may not reflect the current status of the Audience Republic platform.

AR Plat1
AR Plat2

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