AdvicePay Payments

Project Summary

As the lead product designer on the AdvicePay project, one of my tasks was to rethink the process of how an advisor's client makes a payment. The existing process was complicated and not mobile friendly even though mobile traffic made up 73% of client visits - we knew this would be a huge win not only for the advisors, but for the clients and AdvicePay.

Over a several weeks, I led workshops and collaborated with the broader team to help shape and focus the payment process from a visual and UX perspective.

Project Role

Lead Designer


Product UI & UX

User Flow

A visual representation of the user flow was created to show stakeholders the new payment process. This helped align everyone to what we were trying to achieve with this feature enhancement

AP Flowchart 2
Appayments 02
The final payment flow
A Pexploration 1
Some mockups that were created during the exploration phase of the project

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